How to improve email deliverability?

How to improve email deliverability?

At QuickMinutes we use the fully GDPR compliant company Sendinblue to deliver transactional emails that are triggered by actions performed within the application. 

For example, meeting participants will receive an email with meeting information when published by the meeting administrator.

We temporarily share your email address with Sendinblue, so they know where to send the transactional email.
We temporarily share your name with them, so they can personalise the email.
Sendinblue servers are located in the European Economic Area and will be deleted from their server every 90 days.

When we send B2B messages (to business email addresses), we sometimes encounter deliverability problems caused by the recipients organisations firewall.

As email deliverability is a priority at QuickMinutes, we ask the IT department to whitelist the following Sendinblue IP ranges to avoid this:
IP Ranges  

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