Admin Role

Admin Role

A group admin is the most senior role with respect to the administration of the group. A group can have multiple admins. Some admin roles can include:

 1. Creating meetings
 2. Preparing agendas / minutes
 3. Managing group membership / access
 4. Other administrative activities

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    • Chairperson Role

      1. A chairperson is the primary role that presides over the group. An admin may decide to assign special privileges to the chairperson (sharing draft minutes for approval etc).
    • What is difference between a 'Group Role' and an 'Org Role'?

      An Org Role defines a relationship and subsequent permissions between a user and the organisation. Organisation Permission & Roles are used to assign organisation level permission to the subscription for the purpose of delegating specific ...
    • How do I add Group Members?

      1. Navigate to ‘Members’ section of group. 2. Click the green ‘Add Member’ button. 3. Add email addresses (copy/paste for multiple) for members you would like to add. 4. Select Group Role (Admin / Member / Affiliate / Chairperson) and click ‘Add’. 5. ...
    • Member Role

      1. A group member has read only access to group materials that have been made available.   
    • Affiliates Role

      1. An affiliate is a ‘catch all’ term that covers various types of associated personnel. Affiliates are assigned read only access.