Calendar view in Events list

Calendar view in Events list

From the calendar view in QuickMinutes you can:

1. Create meetings

  1. Click on the green button '+' button
  2. On a day where you have no meetings, you will see the 'create meeting' button in the calendar.
  3. For meetings you don't have in QuickMinutes yet you can simply click on the event & it will create the meeting allowing you to start uploading documents.


2. Request an Agenda / Notes

  1. If you are not the meeting organiser, you can request an agenda before the meeting or request notes post meeting, which will trigger an email to the meeting organiser.
  2. When requesting, a modal will pop up where you can edit the email you want to send.

3. Create an Agenda / Notes

  1. If you are the meeting organiser, quickly create an agenda your meeting.


Note: If you don't want to see the calendar view you can close this by hovering your mouse next to the calendar, which will show the close arrow.

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