QM Support Channels

QM Support Channels

The current support options are available for QuickMinutes users:

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    • Why doesn't QuickMinutes support Internet Explorer?

      1. Microsoft Internet Explorer is a web browser that has been replaced by Microsoft Edge when it was no longer able to compete with other modern web browsers.    Microsoft Internet Explorer was one of the internet's earliest victims to 'meme' culture ...
    • What file types / formats / file sizes does QuickMinutes support?

      The following file types are supported by the QuickMinutes platform.  Format File Extension Auto Detection Adobe Portable Document format *.pdf Yes Microsoft Word format *.doc, *.dot Yes Microsoft Word Open XML format *.docx, *.docm, *.dotx, *.dotm ...
    • I'm transitioning my meetings to QuickMinutes, now what?

      Accessibility:  QuickMinutes is a web application that is accessible at QuickMinutes.com. More info on accessibility can be found here.  Training: One to One training can be booked here. Register for our onboarding webinar here. Running Your First ...
    • How do I upload an external document to QM for my meeting?

      To upload an external document to QuickMinutes for your meeting, follow the steps below;  1. Go to your respective group. 2. Select the meeting you need the documentation to be added to. 3. Click add links. 4. Add and Title your document link.
    • How to check for Console errors?

      If you are reading this it is likely that we need further information in debugging your issue.   Following the steps below will assist us in this process.  1. Navigate to the QuickMinutes page where the error/issue is occurring. Then 'Right click' ...