How do I create an Organisation?

How do I create an Organisation?

1. Click on orgs on the left side navigation panel.

2. Click the green  '+ Organisation' button.

3. You will be prompted to insert Organisation name and then click create.

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      Creating a group is simple. ​                                                            1. Click on Group + to create a Group and insert the information below; 2. If no organisation has given you permission to create groups their behalf, then you ...
    • What is my Primary Organisation?

      1. You can choose one organisation as your Primary Organisation.   This is the organisation that you best identify with. 2. You can have a relationship with multiple organisations but; - Your Primary Organisation logo will appear in the top left. - ...
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      The recipients list when creating a meeting in QuickMinutes allows admins to select who receives a notification of the meeting initially. By selecting a member, they will receive an invitation with meeting details and the event will appear in their ...
    • Creating Multiple Groups within your Organisation

      1. To create Multiple Committees/Teams/Groups with different users click on My Groups on the left hand side.  2. Click Group + to create new Group.  3. Then click Member + and add your members to your Group.  
    • Can I customize the code of conduct for my organisation?

      No, you cannot customize the code of conduct supplied by 1. The QuickMinutes code of conduct form must be signed & agreed by all members of your organisation, but it cannot be customtised or edited in any way.