What are Agenda items?

What are Agenda items?

While running a meeting, every organiser must create an outline of topics/agendas they want to cover to avoid missing out on important conversations and tracking progress from the last meeting. Agenda items help solve the purpose by listing all the important points that should be covered in a meeting;

The functionality of Agenda Items in QuickMinutes

While creating a meeting document under QuickMinutes, a user can create a set of items that need to be covered in that particular meeting. The user can create their own items or choose the desired pre-made agenda template from our template library.

Items For

The user can categorise each agenda item if it's an item for decision, discussion, approval, noting, review or information.
It helps save time on deciding what should be the action taken for each item.


Users can attach documents and links to their work updates with an agenda item. It helps the team to keep a track of each teammate's progress.

Timer + Alerts 


The timer feature allows the user to set a designated amount of time for each agenda item. It prevents the team from reaching dead ends in lengthy discussions and moving on to the next item.

Agenda Templates

QuickMinutes has a wide variety of agenda templates in our Templates Library. The user can select the desired templates and apply them to their meeting agenda in MeetSpace without wasting time building agendas from scratch for each meeting.

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    • Can I reorganise and indent Agenda Items?

      Yes, you can reorder and indent Agenda items by dragging and dropping them to your desired location. ​
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      We thought you might like some templates to make your agendas easier to write, therefore, we created a new agenda templates section where you can choose from some of our sample templates or create your own templates. 1. Create your meeting. 2. Click ...
    • How do I attach Links and Files to Agenda Items?

      1. You can attach files to the meeting pack by clicking 'Add files'. 2. You can add Link and Files to items in the agenda builder by clicking the below icon.
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      Smart Topics (Advanced Agenda / Minutes Analytics) Smart topics is the term used to describe recurring Agenda items. The number of times a specific topic appears on an Agenda is displayed and members can click for its occurrence history, along with ...
    • How do I publish my Agenda?

      When you have inserted your Agenda items and completed your Agenda, you click on Publish to send the Agenda to all meeting members. You have some alternative options before publishing, see below:       Share Draft:  Share MS Doc to specific members ...