Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration

QuickMinutes / Microsoft Teams Integration - Demo here

Get actionable meeting and agenda information straight from QuickMinutes using the new Microsoft Teams Integration. 

The QuickMinutes Bot allows you to configure meeting notifications for any group in your organization in MS Teams. You can use the bot to update your team members about new and upcoming meetings right in their place of work and much more. 

Interested? Well it’s simple to get started.  

Follow this quick tutorial below to see how you can optimize your ‘Work From Home’ meeting workflows and increase your team's productivity. 


  • You must be a Group Admin for the group you want to integrate in QuickMinutes.

  • Microsoft Teams must be enabled for your organisation.

  • You should know what MS Teams channel you want to activate QuickMinutes meeting notifications for. 

Start Receiving QuickMinutes Notifications in 7 simple steps.

Demo of the seven steps - Here

1.  Navigate to your team’s channel in MS Teams.


2. Summon the bot in any thread by typing “@QM” and selecting the suggested option.


 3. Activate your QM Bot


  • Sign into your QuickMinutes Account by typing ‘Activate’. This will activate your QuickMinutes Bot in MS Teams.

  • Hit the ‘Login/Register’ button and sign into your QuickMinutes account using your credentials.
4. Configure QuickMinutes meeting notifications in the channel.

5. Set up a QuickMinutes Meeting.

  • Go to and set up a new meeting for your selected group. 

  • Make sure you select the ‘send invitation now’ option. 

6. Create the Meeting

7. See your meeting notification in the channel.

You’re all set!

Now your team will be notified of important meeting updates right in their place of work with ease. Some notifications sent by QuickMinutes include:

  1. Meeting Invitations

  2. Meeting Pack Published

  3. Meeting Details Updated

  4. General Notifications / Update







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