What are the different Group Roles?

What are the different Group Roles?

There are four different group roles that can be assigned to members;

Group Admin - A group admin is the most senior role with respect to the administration of the group. A group can have multiple admins. Some admin roles can include:
  1. Creating meeting
  2. Preparing agendas/minutes
  3. Managing group membership/access
  4. Other administrative activities

Group Member - A group member has read-only access to meeting materials.

Group Affiliate  - An affiliate is a ‘catch-all’ term that covers various types of associated personnel.  Group Affiliates are assigned read-only access (similar to that of Members).

Group Chairperson - A chairperson is a primary role that presides over the group. An admin may decide to assign special privileges to the chairperson (sharing draft minutes for approval etc.).

You can view the permissions table below for more granular information. 

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