What is my Primary Organisation?

What is my Primary Organisation?

1. You can choose one organisation as your Primary Organisation.   This is the organisation that you best identify with.

2. You can have a relationship with multiple organisations but;

- Your Primary Organisation logo will appear in the top left.
- Your Primary Organisation will appear next to your name to users from external organisations.
- Groups belonging to organisations (other than your primary) will be identified as external groups with their parent Organisation listed below.   

3. You can update your primary organisation by navigating to 'My Organisations' and clicking 'Make Primary' on your preferred organisation. 

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      1. Click on orgs on the left side navigation panel. 2. Click the green  '+ Organisation' button. 3. You will be prompted to insert Organisation name and then click create.
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      No, you cannot customize the code of conduct supplied by QuickMinutes.com 1. The QuickMinutes code of conduct form must be signed & agreed by all members of your organisation, but it cannot be customtised or edited in any way. 
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