What is the MeetSpace feature?

What is the MeetSpace feature?

1. MeetSpace puts all QuickMinutes meeting related features in one place, easy access to meeting Agenda, Minutes, Documents and Attendance.

2. Sharing your meetings with QM members and external members is now made simple with our MeetSpace feature. (See screenshot below)

3. Features of MeetSpace:
  1. All QuickMinutes Meeting Features in one place
  2. Meeting Agenda
  3. Meeting Minutes
  4. Meeting Documentation
  5. Meeting Attendance
  6. Sharing MeetSpace with External Members.
4. To turn MeetSpace on/off follow this article.

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    • How do I turn off the MeetSpace feature?

      To turn off the MeetSpace feature, please follow the steps below. 1. Go to My Groups. 2. Click your relevant Group. 3. Go to overview. 4. Go to Settings. 5. Select off on MeetSpace option.
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