How do I ensure emails are going to my primary / focused inbox?

How do I ensure emails are going to my primary / focused inbox?

If an email relating to QuickMinutes sent by your group admin has not delivered to your primary inbox follow the below steps to avoid it happening again:

Google Users
1. Email is in Spam > Drag and drop this email to your primary inbox.
2. Email is in your Promotions tab > Drag and drop this to your Primary tab.

Microsoft Users
1. Email is in Other > Drag and drop this to your Focused inbox. 

Once you have moved the email to your main inbox, it will now deliver all emails here. 

If this issue is still happening or you want to add another layer to ensure emails will deliver correctly:
1. Contact your IT department.
2. Send them the link to the article here to review. 
3. They will update your organisations corporate settings and this improves deliverability further.

If you have any further queries or need support on this then please email us at:
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