Sync with Azure Active Directory

Sync with Azure Active Directory

Sync with Azure Active Directory 

The solution can sync with Azure Active Directory although if the purpose of synchronisation is to reduce the friction for onboarding users then the following is provided for at no extra cost.

1. Single Sign On

A user can access QuickMinutes using their Microsoft Office 365 Account.  More information available here

2. Instant Corporate Access

Instant access for users to your QuickMinutes subscription can be achieved by simply adding domain(s) belonging to your organisation, partners collaborators and subsidiaries to the Org Access panel.  

Once  is added to your Org Access panel you can circulate the message (and light training material) across your organisation.  With this light touch combination of 'access' and 'know how' your team is all set as the QuickMinutes support team will take it from there. 

Other Azure Active Directory synchronisations can be implemented about request although clarification as to the exact requirement would need to be provided. 

3. External Members

Inviting external members to your QuickMinutes group is simple;

Step 1:  Invite external member 

Step 2: External member receives invitation / activation link to their inbox

Step 3: External member completes their QuickMinutes registration with their preferred registration option depending on their email provider i.e. 


                                    a) Complete the registration with their Google account      

                                    b) Complete the registration with their Microsoft account

                                    c) Complete the registration with an email / password of their choice


Note: External members access the QuickMinutes application using their own corporate or personal credentials;     More information here

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