What is MeetSpace?

What is MeetSpace?

MeetSpace puts all QuickMinutes meeting related features in one place, creating easy access to your Meeting Agenda, Minutes, Documents and Attendance.

Click on the image below for an overview of MeetSpace.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Once you have created your meeting - Click on ‘Create Agenda’ to launch the agenda builder.
  2. Meeting details will be automatically populated on your agenda (Date/Time/Location).
  3. You can set the different discussion items and have the option to attach associated links/files to each item.
  4. We are now offering QuickMinutes agenda templates and Custom agenda templates.
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Meeting Minutes

  1. The Minutes builder allows you to quickly record meeting notes and produce a professional document once it is published.
  2. The Minutes builder pre-populates meeting details (Date/Time/Location). Topics/Items from your agenda also appear in the same layout here and the Minutes of your previous meeting are automatically attached.
  3. Here you can edit the minutes, share them for approval and publish to all members once completed.
  4. Attendees, Absentees and Apologies can be added to the Meeting Minutes to keep record by simply turning on attendance records.

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Meeting documentation

  1. In MeetSpace, the tab ‘Resources’ automatically displays all meeting documentation once created & published.
  2. The ‘Add files’ feature is also available meaning you can manually add your Agenda/Minutes documents and associated files from your desktop.
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Meeting Attendance

  1. Tracking attendance has never been easier with MeetSpace.
  2. From the guest section in the agenda tab you can see which group members have responded Yes, No or awaiting response. You also have the option to email all invitees and add/remove guests from here.
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